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What to Do if Accused of a Sex Crime


It is very easy for the state prosecutors to file a case against a man accused of sexually molesting a minor child. Often, very often in fact, it is strictly circumstantial evidence, a “he said/she said”, finger-pointing scenario. And these accusations are devastating. Well before being able to fight the case in court, the media can trample upon your reputation, bail alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and usually, you are immediately fired by your employer.

Society, for better or for worse, actually assumes the very worst. That you are guilty. That you are a child predator. And that you are an outright danger to society. What do you do? How do you manage these horrific allegations against you? Fortunately, Wasatch Defense Lawyers has developed very successful strategies to fight back … and to champion your innocence.

First, and foremost, putting together a highly skilled defense team is critical. We have lawyers with vast experiences as prosecutors. Their experience, actually convicting perpetrators, gives them a command of the facts, the procedures, and the direction to take as they prepare for trial. They have won many cases as special victim’s unit prosecutors, perhaps 150 or more trials. Thus, now in the role of defense lawyers, they know the inner workings and overall game plan of the district attorney’s office in a way which is unparalleled … quite simply, they know how to win at trial because they know exactly what the prosecutors are up to.

Once you get the right “dream team” of defense lawyers on your side, it’s time to get our private investigators working the case. Our private investigators have decades of experience as police officers with the Salt Lake City Police Department in Internal Affairs and also as FBI agents. They can discover inaccuracies, falsehoods, and downright lies. They can find motives as to why someone may lie. They can determine the believability of an accuser. And, most importantly, they can attack the underlying investigation law enforcement has conducted in a manner that only former police officers themselves can understand and appreciate. Furthermore, they stand up to scrutiny on the witness stand … and juries find them to be highly professional, honest, and insightful.

How a Defense Lawyer Can Help When You’re Accused of Molestation

Now what? You have an incredible defense team. You have unbelievably reliable and compelling investigators. Yet one thing is missing. “Why would a child lie about something this horrific?” all juries ask. And we have that critical answer.

We have an expert who is a Ph.D. researcher that specifically studies the reasons a child makes false allegations. And he has found three critical reasons.

  1. They may have been coached by someone seeking to destroy the defendant.
  2. They may have a false memory, a phenomenon whereby TV, movies, or even listening to others discuss sex offenses, leads to what they believe to be a reality, when, in fact, no such abuse occurred.
  3. Finally, it is common to see a minor child lie about such accusations because they crave the attention such allegations give them. Sad, but true.

When our expert takes the stand, he goes through a detailed, scientifically sound, discussion about false child accusations of sex crimes. Ultimately, his research indicates that in 3% to 7% of the time, a child is lying. Which doesn’t sound like much … until you consider that, for every 100 men accused of these crimes, three to seven of them are absolutely NOT guilty. What a terrible miscarriage of justice it is when such innocent men are convicted and spend many, many years in prison.

Juries must determine that, beyond a reasonable doubt, the accused is guilty. And we are successful at pointing out that 3% to 7% is a statistically significant enough figure to acquit our clients. That is, that the fact that 3% to 7% of men accused of these crimes are innocent, and that, in and of itself, IS reasonable doubt. This is your answer. You are innocent. You don’t know where to turn. And you are losing hope. That’s when you call us. Wasatch Defense Lawyers is the answer.

Craig R. Chlarson