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Veterans Court

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It is all too common to see our servicemen return home only to struggle with poverty, mental illness, or untreated medical conditions.
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Veterans Court

It is all too common to see our servicemen return home only to struggle with poverty, mental illness, or untreated medical conditions. For all that politicians claim to support our troops, once those troops come home, they’re forgotten.

Here at Wasatch Defense Attorneys, we’re dedicated to changing that. If you or a loved one served in our nation’s armed forces, we want to help you. Our highly qualified experts specialize in:

  • Criminal defense for felonies,
  • Appeals to receive or expand Veteran Affairs benefits, and
  • Criminal defense for misdemeanors.

When it comes to your rights and your life, don’t get pushed around by bureaucrats.

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Do I Qualify for Veterans Court?

Are you a veteran suffering from PTSD, adjustment disorder, or other diagnosed issues due to your military service? That means you might be an ideal candidate for Veterans Court. Similar to Mental Health Court, the focus of Veterans Court is to lead to rehabilitation and treatment of veteran offenders instead of prolonged jail time or expensive fines.

Utah believes that your service deserves some service in return. That’s why Veterans Court works to give veterans access to the treatment they need. The court works in conjunction with the Salt Lake City VA Clinic to set up treatment plans for anything from a mental illness to an addiction problem.

How Utah’s Veterans Court Works

In order to have your case heard in the Veterans Court, you have to provide evidence of your military service. You must be eligible to qualify for veteran benefits. You also need to be under probation or prepared to enter a plea in abeyance in order to be admitted into Veterans Court.

Going through the Salt Lake Veteran’s Justice Outreach Program is not a free pass from criminal consequences. However, it can help you avoid prison. By joining the program, the defendant agrees to

  • Stay sober,
  • Not commit any other criminal offenses,
  • Receive counseling, and
  • Check in weekly with the court.

Appeals & the Board of Veteran Affairs

If you feel like your Veteran Affairs (VA) benefits have been unjustly denied or are too few for your needs, you can appeal the decision. The Board of Veteran Affairs (BVA), on behalf of the Secretary of Veteran Affairs, can hear your case at a regional VA office or by videoconference.

All appeals made to the BVA are civil suits, not criminal, and all BVA decisions are final. The BVA does not oversee medical claims. If you need medical care or a specific medication and your local VA clinic refused to provide it, the BVA cannot override that decision.

Our Military Discount

If you need legal advice, we can help! We understand that veterans don’t always have the funds to cover huge court expenses. We also believe in thanking our military servicemen and -women for their sacrifice. That’s why, if you’re a veteran in need of legal services in Utah, we’re proud to offer military discounts on our excellent services.

With 100+ years of experience defending our veterans, we can get you the results you deserve. We’ll take you step by step through your case and aggressively defend your rights to the resources you need to live better.

We aggressively defend you and your quality of life. Contact us today for a free case review 801.980.9965.

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