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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Utah Object Rape

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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Utah Object Rape

Object rape is a serious charge, and If you have been accused of rape with an object in Utah, you need a criminal defense attorney to present your side of the situation  to the courts with confidence. These charges can be overwhelming for a defendant, who must also deal with the stigma of society when charged with a sex crime.

At Wasatch Defense Lawyers, our experienced Utah criminal defense attorneys  are here to make an effective defense on your behalf, with aggressive negotiating to make sure your rights and your quality of life are preserved. When you have been charged with object rape, we may be able to help you retain your freedoms.

Contact Wasatch Defense Attorneys today for a confidential review of your case, and discuss how we can help you today 801.980.9965.

Utah Object Rape Definition

In Utah, State Code §76-5-402.2 is the governing definition for those charged with this crime. The law states – if a person causes the penetration of the anal or genital openings (or other part of the human body) of another person, aged 14 years or older, without the victim’s consent, with any foreign object, instrument, device or substance and with the intent to cause physical or emotional pain and/or with the intentions to achieve sexual arousal or gratification of any person, they have committed a first degree felony offense which is punishable by imprisonment.

Penalties for Rape with Foreign Objects

The penalties for object rape vary depending upon whether the defendant has been convicted of a previous sexual offense of a grievous nature, if the accused has caused serious bodily injury during the commission of the crime, and whether the defendant is under 18 years of age. Also, the courts may consider whether force, threat, or fear was used during a sexual penetration by foreign object trial. If found guilty of object rape, the accused may face a minimum of five years imprisonment, and up to 15 years to life in prison if previously convicted of a grievous sexual assault crime.

Object Rape Defense Attorney in Utah – Get a Free Case Review

If you have been accused of object rape and found guilty, you are in danger of losing your income, family, and freedom. When facing these types of serious charges, even baseless accusations against those with a pristine reputation can result in a lifetime of stigma. We work to prove your innocence or to support your case, and make sure that any evidence and surrounding circumstances – whether concrete or trivial, are carefully laid out on your behalf in court. Having the right law firm behind you when you are facing a serious charge like object rape is extremely important.

Wasatch Defense Attorneys are experienced in successfully navigating the court system, which allow us to provide you with the best outcome possible for your case. We are ready to listen to your situation without judgment and offer you our expert legal advice on the best steps to protecting your rights and defending yourself against prosecution in rape with foreign objects charges. Contact us today!