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Mayhem Defense Lawyer in Utah

What Does a Mayhem Charge Mean - Defense Lawyer in Utah
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Mayhem Defense Lawyer in Utah

Mayhem is not a commonly charged crime under the Utah criminal code. However, if you are charged with this serious crime in this state, it can lead to a sentence of up to 15 years in prison and fines and other charges of up to $20,000. Aggravated mayhem can add years to the prison sentence. You will also have a criminal record of a violent crime that will negatively impact you for the rest of your life. So, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney with a strong track record in violent crimes cases in Utah.

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If you are arrested for mayhem, call Wasatch Defense Lawyers in Salt Lake City, UT for help as soon as you are allowed to make a phone call.

What Does a Mayhem Charge Mean in Utah?

According to Utah law, someone has committed a mayhem crime if he or she has illegally and intentionally injured or removed another person’s body parts. For example, if the accused has disabled a person’s tongue, eye, nose, lip, hand, or other body part or deliberately caused it to become useless by cutting it out or off or mutilating it. Criminal mayhem is a Second Degree felony in Utah. It has sometimes been charged as a crime of domestic violence.

Cases of mayhem have usually involved violent incidents in which a body part was bitten off or cut off. A typical mayhem case would be one in which, for example, someone is accused of biting off or cutting off another person’s ear or finger while in a fight.

How Does Proof of Intent Work in Mayhem Cases?

Actions that cause the loss of another person’s body part do not necessarily justify a criminal charge of mayhem. It must be proven in court that the individual intentionally caused the injury or removal of the body part. Accidentally causing the damage or loss of a body part during a physical altercation is not an event defined as criminal mayhem under Utah law. (However, other serious charges may apply in such situations, such as aggravated assault.)

Protect Your Rights and Build Your Best Defense

Mayhem is a serious charge in Utah, and if you are convicted, the punishments can be very severe. As soon as you are charged with mayhem or any other such extreme criminal act, you need to obtain the best defense lawyer Utah offers. Your lawyer can fully protect all of your rights and develop the most compelling defense for you.

An experienced mayhem defense lawyer has the best likelihood of having your charges reduced substantially or even dropped completely. In any mayhem case, you’re much more likely to avoid the most serious consequences when you have an experienced Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense lawyer representing you to the prosecutors and the court.

For Defense Against Mayhem Charges in Utah

If you are facing trial for criminal mayhem in Utah, we know how to protect your rights and fight for your freedom in court. We will provide you with a free review of your legal case. We can also help you with affordable payment arrangements if needed.

For the best defense against mayhem charges, call Wasatch Defense Attorneys at (801) 980-9965, or contact us here online for an appointment to talk about your situation.