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Laying the Groundwork

Well before you give us a call, we have been using our skills and expertise to establish the framework for successful case resolutions. We have established close working relationships with the judges and prosecutors in the areas we serve. By developing a rapport with these individuals, we are better able to facilitate positive case results for our clients. We also make it our mission to continually build our knowledge base with case law changes that occur through the years. The knowledge we build allows us to take a targeted approach for every case we represent in court or through the negotiation process.

Discussing The Details

When you call Wasatch Defense Attorneys: 801.980.9965 we use our expertise to learn ALL the details of your case.

When you decide to give Wasatch Defense Attorneys a call, we will take the time to learn all of the details of your case. We gain a thorough understanding by gathering information from you and all of the other resources at our disposal, including police reports, photographs, recordings and medical records. You will need to answer our questions as thoroughly as possible to help us search out the documents and evidence we need to build a successful defense. As we gather information about your case, we may need to review some of the case specifics with you to create a dynamic defense argument on your behalf.

Building Your Case

Upon developing a clear understanding of your case, we will determine the best defense strategy to use for you. We will look at your case from both the defense and prosecution angles to select solid defense tactics. All of the evidence and other records we obtain will be scrutinized to determine if they are credible and admissible in court. In addition, we will take a close look at police procedures to reveal unconstitutional actions that violated your rights. We will utilize our findings to challenge the evidence against you and potentially have your case dropped. If we cannot challenge the evidence against you, we will use our knowledge and experience to achieve positive results.

Obtaining Positive Results

As we scrutinize your case information, we will decide if the best approach is to negotiate a different resolution or fight the charges outright. For cases with strong evidence against you, for example, negotiations may allow you to have the charges reduced or dropped. We will always negotiate with prosecutors on your behalf using a strong presentation of the facts and circumstances leading to the charges.

As we present the negotiation terms to the prosecutors, we will emphasize the benefits of reaching a mutually acceptable deal and stress the potential pitfalls of taking the case all the way to trial. Our negotiation strategy allows us to reduce the charges and decrease sentencing terms without the stress of going to trial. Common negotiation results we can achieve for you include community service instead of jail time and the omission of serious criminal charges on your record. See Why Choose Us.

When our team determines going to trial will achieve the best results for you, we will organize your case for precise presentation in court. Our preparations for trial include the creation of a witness list and the development of successful cross examination questions for the individuals testifying for and against you. We will actively challenge the allegations, witnesses and evidence to dismantle the prosecution’s statements.

Wasatch Defense Lawyers remain focused on providing your innocence. Contact us today at 801.980.9965 for a case review at no charge.

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Do NOT Waive Your Right to Legal Counsel! Authorities will try get you to incriminate yourself and suggest there is no need for an attorney. Stay calm and call us immediately: 801-980-9965

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We have represented thousands of clients, with countless difficulties and challenges, for more than 30 years. Less than 1% of our clients have ever been incarcerated.

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