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Forcible Sexual Abuse Defense

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There are two forms of sexual abuse in Utah. The first is called Forcible Sexual Abuse and deals with any sexual abuse suffered by someone over the age of 14
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Forcible Sexual Abuse Defense

There are two forms of sexual abuse in Utah. The first is called Forcible Sexual Abuse and deals with any sexual abuse suffered by someone over the age of 14. The other is Sexual Abuse of a Child and deals with the sexual abuse of anyone under the age of 14.

Any form of unwanted sexual contact short of rape can result in accusations of sexual abuse. Both forms carry mandatory minimum sentences and can result in life imprisonment. Even if you avoid a life sentence, you can still find yourself permanently part of the sex offender registry, along with all of the limitations, possible employment issues and hassle that brings.

If a case can be made for any aggravating circumstances (threats of harm, actual injury, use of a weapon, etc.), the state of Utah will throw the book at you and you can quickly find yourself feeling overwhelmed.

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Utah Forcible Sex Abuse Laws

The definition of forcible sexual abuse is any form of “indecent liberty” taken, short of rape, with someone who is 14 or older. Indecent liberties include such things as touching the genitals or buttocks, but are covered generally in Utah’s legal code by focusing on the intent to cause harm or arouse and/or gratify sexual desires without the consent of both parties.

Depending on the court’s judgment of the seriousness of the crime, the charge can range from a second degree felony to a first degree felony. Both carry mandatory jail sentences of at least a year and fines up to $10,000. If the court chooses, a life sentence in prison is very much a possibility.

Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse, in Utah, is forcible sex abuse that happens to anyone under the age of 14. This is a second degree felony, which is one to six years in prison, but the law specifically grants the court permission to worsen the sentence to a life sentence or even life without parole, should the court decide the abuse was a particularly heinous offense.

The list describing the basis for considering abuse as particularly heinous is long and very detailed. This is not the time to count on someone else’s charity, which is why it’s key to hire the proper defense attorney to protect your rights and your life.

How a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Even if you haven’t been officially charged yet, you need a defense lawyer. As Salt Lake City residents, we’ve got the experience you need to start insulating you against criminal sex abuse allegations. We guide you step by step through this trying time, and also defend you against all levels of accusations. We’re not afraid to come out swinging on your behalf – we have the proven experience you need.

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