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Lady Justice - Molestation Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you’ve been charged with molestation in Utah, it is important to understand that a conviction could likely change your life forever. To avoid the harshest punishments, it is vital that you speak with a defense lawyer as soon as possible after being charged. Our experience providing representation and successfully navigating the courts allows us to provide you the best possible outcome for your molestation case. Our legal team is ready to listen to the situation without judgment–then, we can offer our expert legal advice on how you can protect your rights and defend yourself against the prosecution of molestation charges.

If you have been accused of molestation or any related crime in Utah, our criminal defense lawyers are here for you. Call us, or complete our online contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation, case review.

Molestation Laws in Utah

You may wonder, how is molestation defined legally? The crime of molestation includes any sexual acts with children under the age of 18. While it may include touching or intercourse, it can also include actions such as taking pornographic photos or inducement of sexual acts. Molestation can also be attributed to sexual acts against an adult that fall short of rape. Molestation can be committed over time and may include “grooming” the victim to become a seemingly willing participate. The majority of these charges will be a felony in nature if they are proven in a court of law. Information regarding molested meaning, or further information about sexual abuse of a child, can be viewed in detail on the Utah State Legislature website.

What is the Penalty for Molestation in Utah?

If found guilty of this type of crime, what are the consequences of child molestation? There is the possibility for jail time (which can be lengthy), hefty fines, and a mandatory lifetime sex offender registration. This sex offender registration can make it difficult for you to find employment and housing, even years after you are released from jail. A case could be considered as having aggravating factors (usually resulting in punishment for molestation being more severe) if there were threats of violence, injuries or additional victims or acts involved in the case among other possible mitigating factors. Understanding exactly what your case entails can make the defense process go much more smoothly.

Why Choose the Wasatch Defense Lawyers for Your Molestation Defense Case?

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Charged with Molestation in Utah? Get a Free Case Evaluation

No matter how baseless the accusations are that are made against you, and no matter how much the evidence points to your innocence or how pristine your reputation may be prior to the charges, you are in grave danger of losing everything if you’re found guilty. Having the right law firm behind you when you are facing a serious charge like molestation is extremely important. If you have been charged with molestation, a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to help you retain your freedoms. Contact our firm for a free consultation by calling or filling out our online form. We want to help you get the best possible resolution for your case.

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