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Drug Paraphernalia Defense Lawyer Utah

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Charges of drug paraphernalia are serious in the state of Utah. A conviction for this type of crime has a high chance of changing someone’s life forever. In order to avoid the harsh punishments that come with a conviction, individuals need to speak with a defense lawyer as soon as possible. For this reason, we are here to help you. We have a tremendous amount of experience in providing criminal defense representation and navigating the court systems when it comes to drug paraphernalia. We are here to listen to your case and situation without passing any judgment. We will provide expert legal advice when it comes to protecting your rights and defending you against drug charges. If you have been accused of drug paraphernalia in Utah, our legal team is here for you. Call us or complete our online form to schedule a free case review.

Drug Paraphernalia Law in Utah

According to the statutes in the state of Utah, it is against the law for anyone to use drug paraphernalia. This includes tools that are used to grow, produce, test, or distribute a controlled substance. Some of the tools that are commonly considered to be drug paraphernalia include water pipes, carburetion tubes, roach clips, cocaine vials, cocaine spoons, bongs, and chillums. It is also unlawful for someone to place an ad in the paper to sell drug paraphernalia. This crime is a class B misdemeanor; however, there are situations where it can be upgraded to a felony. Attempting to sell drug paraphernalia to a minor is a third-degree felony that might include up to five years in prison. This is a serious charge and people might have their life changed forever. It can also be helpful for someone to read the statute on drug paraphernalia in Utah on this page.

Consequences You Face if You are Found Guilty of Drug Paraphernalia in Utah

If you are convicted of drug paraphernalia in Utah, this counts as a drug conviction. This is typically a class B misdemeanor; however, it can also be upgraded to a felony in certain situations. The penalties for this conviction include up to six months in jail as well as a $1,000 fine. On the other hand, if this charge is upgraded, the penalties could be far more severe. This might include double the amount of jail time and a fine of up to $2,500. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have an expert criminal defense representation.

Charged with Drug Paraphernalia in Utah? Get a Free Case Evaluation

No matter how much evidence points towards someone’s innocence, you are still in danger of losing everything if you are found guilty. Therefore, having the right drug paraphernalia defense lawyer near me is important. At Wasatch Defense Lawyers, we are here to protect your rights. We can help you retain your freedoms We know that everyone is concerned about a drug paraphernalia lawyer cost which is why we offer military discounts and payment plans. Contact our law firm for a free consultation or by filling out our online form. We are here to help you.

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