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Exposing a Minor to Pornography in Utah

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Charges for exposing a minor to pornography in the state of Utah are serious and, if convicted, it can change a person’s life forever; particularly if you are in the middle of a child custody battle.

Having the right lawyer behind you when facing exposing a minor to pornography charges in Utah is extremely important. Our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you retain your freedom. Contact our law firm for a free consultation by calling or submitting the online form.

Exposing a Minor to Pornography Laws in Utah

Exposing a minor to pornography may be considered illegal per Utah code, Title 76, Chapter 10 section 1206 part 12 titled “Dealing in Material Harmful to a Minor, it states “Distributing (providing or transferring possession), exhibiting (showing), or allowing immediate access to material harmful to a child or any other conduct constituting an offense.”

The definition of exposing is broad. It defines giving, displaying or openly viewing the pornographic material in front of or to a minor as exposing. Leaving pornographic material on a computer may also constitute as exposing.

Consequences of Dealing in Material Harmful to a Minor in Utah

A person that has dealt material harmful to a minor must pay a minimum of $1,000, plus $10 for every item displayed. This doesn’t include court costs and other fees. A jail sentence of no less than 14 days may also accompany the conviction. This is considered a third-degree felony. Each additional offense is considered a Class A misdemeanor when the minor is 16-17 years of age. It becomes a Class B misdemeanor if the person is younger than 16.

If you have been previously convicted of exposing a minor to pornography, you will be charged a minimum of $5,000, plus the $10 per article. A secondary conviction is deemed a second-degree felony. You may also spend no less than one year in jail.

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No matter how baseless the accusation is, no matter how much evidence points to your innocence, and no matter how pristine your reputation, you risk losing everything if found guilty. Our team of criminal defense representation has successfully navigated the court system, allowing us to provide you with the best potential outcome for your case. Stay calm and contact an experienced Sex Crimes Lawyer in Utah today 801.845.3494 for free, confidential case review.

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