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How Long Does a Sex Offender Have to Register?

When it comes to sex offenders, there are a lot of misconceptions about how long they have to register for their crimes. Some people believe that sex offenders are required to register for life, while others assume that the registration period is only a few years. 

In reality, the length of time that a sex offender has to register depends on the severity of their crime and individual state laws. In this blog post, we’ll break down the specifics of sex offender registration timelines and what you need to know if you’re affected.

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For the following convictions*, offenders must register for 10 years following the date of termination of the sentence**:

Sex Offenders FAQ

What Can Sex Offenders Not Do in the State of Utah?

There is a long list of activities that convicted sex offenders are prohibited by law from doing in Utah. Here are some of the things sex offenders cannot do in Utah:
They cannot legally enter any of the five designated protected zones, which are:
  1. Public parks
  2. Licensed preschools or daycare facilities
  3. Public playgrounds
  4. Public swimming pools open to the public
  5. Private or public elementary or high schools (outside the grounds of a correctional facility)
Other things registered sex offenders cannot do include:
  • Move to a new address without informing their supervisory authority
  • Change jobs without informing their supervisory authority
  • Work, reside, or pass through or near the designated child safety zones
  • Communicate with minor children under 17 years old
  • Have pornography or certain other sex-based materials in their possession
  • Communicate with the victims of their sex crimes
Convicted sex offenders are also restricted by all the same prohibitions generally imposed on people on probation or conditional release from custody in Utah. These restrictions include but are not necessarily limited to being prohibited from:
  • Leaving their county of residence without informing their supervisory authority
  • Drinking alcohol or using drugs.
  • Failing to report any notable changes to their supervisory authority
  • Failing to maintain an appropriate standard of living, including
    • Steady employment
    • Acceptable living arrangement
    • Participation in therapy or a 12-step recovery program

Do Registered Sex Offenders Have To Tell Their Neighbors?

Some states do legally require that convicted sex offenders provide notification to residents in the neighborhoods where they live. But, Utah law does not require individuals to provide information about their criminal record of a sex offense to their neighbors.

Are You a Sex Offender for Life?

The length of time convicted sex offenders in Utah must remain listed in the state sex offender registry is based on the level of seriousness of their crime. Some sex offenders may be required to stay registered for life, while others may only have to remain in the registry for ten years.

Can a Sex Offender Have a Phone?

There is no prohibition against a convicted sex offender owning or using a telephone under Utah law. In fact, the offender’s phone number is one of the types of information required for entry on the sex offender registry in Utah. However, there may be particular restrictions regarding phone possession or use ordered by a court in a specific case in which an offender has committed serious sex crimes through illegal use of a phone as a form of criminal activity.

What Is the Highest Tier of Sex Offender?

Of the three levels of sex offender classification under Utah law, the highest tier, i.e., the highest level of risk of reoffending is Level Three. Entry on the state sex offender registry is required. Extensive efforts by local law enforcement must be undertaken to notify the public that a Level Three sex offender is residing in the area.

How Do You Get a Sex Offender off Your Record?

Under Utah Criminal Procedure Code 77-41-112, if you believe you may be eligible, you can apply to be removed from the sex offender and kidnap offender registry. You will need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for removal from the state registry. You can then file a petition with the court asking to have your information removed from the database.

Can You Marry a Sex Offender?

States in the U.S. do not legally prohibit registered sex offenders from receiving a marriage license. Legally, even people currently incarcerated due to a conviction for a sex offense can get married. However, inclusion in the registry and its legal entailments can create quite difficult conditions for the spouse and the marriage. Ask an experienced family law lawyer for insights into the unique challenges involved in being the spouse of a convicted sex offender in Utah.

What Are the Different Levels of Sex Offenders in Utah?

Sex offenders who are required to be entered into the Utah sex offender registry are judged to present one of three levels of risk to public safety:

Level One: These are convicted people who have been determined to present the lowest risk of committing a repeat offense. They must register with their county sheriff.

Level Two: Offenders assessed as Level Two are found to be a moderate risk to the public as repeat offenders. They must register with the county sheriff’s department. The sheriff will provide notifications at schools, residences, community organizations, and with the offender’s employer.

Level Three: These are people deemed to be at the highest risk of a repeat offense. Entry in the sex offender registry is required. Nearby neighborhoods will be notified that you now live in the area. Flyers with your photo, ID, address and criminal background will be distributed to residences, schools, community organizations, and the offender’s employer. Press releases will go out to local TV stations and newspapers informing the public of the offender’s residency in the area.

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It’s important to understand the registration requirements for your state. Once you know how long your sentence will be, it’s important to understand other requirements as well, such as being prohibited from living near schools or daycares.

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