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Enticing a Minor Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Enticing a Minor Defense Lawyer in Utah

In Utah, enticing a minor covers instances of electronic communication, usually texting or internet chatting, between a minor and the accused which either resulted in the accused directly trying to seduce the minor into performing a sexual act or in the accused building a relationship with the minor which the accused then leveraged to try to lure the minor into performing a sexual act.

It’s important to remember that being charged with any crime involving a minor can quickly and significantly ruin your life, regardless of your actual guilt. No matter how much faith you may have in the criminal justice system or in your innocence, it’s essential to hire an team of experienced Utah Criminal Defense Attorneys as soon as possible.

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What is Enticing a Minor & Enticing a Minor Over the Internet?

The definition of entice is “to lead on by exciting hope or desire”, though we often communicate similar concepts by saying things like “tempt” or “seduce.” However, Utah only considers charges of enticing a minor in cases where the Internet or text messaging (no matter the source; cellular, computer, etc.) is involved. So any form of electronic contact, if it can be proved to lead to a sexual crime against minors, can be grounds for an enticing a child charge.

What is the Sentence for Enticing a Minor?

While enticing a minor is a relatively simple law, there are still stiff penalties attached to it. Even if you’re under 18 yourself, enticing a minor is still a Class A misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to a year in jail or a $2,500 fine. If you’re over 18 years old, enticing a child in Utah is automatically a felony! Which means you can end up with a permanent criminal record, a jail sentence of up to 5 years, and fines from $5,000-$10,000. Don’t face that alone.

Enticing a Minor by Computer in Utah

While the charge of enticing a minor by computer is serious enough, the charge is often paired with other charges based on what exactly the minor was being enticed to do. That’s why, in Utah, enticement of a minor over the internet in Salt Lake City covers more than just trying to get a minor to perform sexual acts with the accused. It can also include enticing a child to perform pornographic acts or to participate in child prostitution with other individuals. Enticing a child can even be brought as a charge in instances of kidnapping.

Regardless of what the goal of the enticement was, the main criteria for making the charge remains whether the Internet or text messaging was used during the crime or attempt thereof. However, the penalty tied to the charge scales according to what actually happened as well as according to what was conceivably intended.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Enticing a Minor


What does enticing a minor mean?

Whether you are an adult or a minor yourself, attempts to lure or seduce a minor through online or text conversations is illegal in Utah. If you engage in such conversations, you could be charged with enticing a minor. This law covers internet chat rooms, phone texts, social media apps and other types of written communication sent through digital channels. Electronic contact that shows a clear attempt to create a sexual relationship with a minor can result in this charge. The definition of enticing a minor also covers sexual or seductive contact with someone you believe to be a minor, even if they are not.  

What are the charges for enticing a minor?

Adults charged with Utah state code enticing a minor face much harsher penalties than minors do. In fact, people over 18 years of age who attempt to lure or solicit sex from a minor are charged with a felony. Depending on the circumstances and your criminal history, you could face a first, second or third degree felony. Minors, on the other hand, face misdemeanor charges for this crime. Class A, B and C misdemeanors can all apply to the charges for enticing a minor, depending on the specific actions that led to your charges.

What is the punishment for enticing a minor?

The sentence for enticing a minor varies according to the charges placed against you. A first degree felony, for example, has a minimum prison sentence of three years on up to life. The other misdemeanor and felony charges carry less time for enticing a minor by internet or text. Utah court officials cannot grant probation or suspend the sentence if you were previously convicted of any sexual crimes against children. The court cannot charge you with a lesser offense or order hospitalization to make your prison sentence shorter either. Whether you committed the accused actions or not you can acquire legal representation to fight the charges and work toward a suitable resolution.


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