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Mothers Rights Divorce Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Mothers Rights Divorce Lawyer
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Mothers Rights Divorce Lawyer in Salt Lake City

Historically, mother’s in the state of Utah have been favored by the courts when it comes to disputes over child custody. However, these days the courts review the merits of both parents in their ability to care for and raise their children. In an effort to maintain a strong paternal presence, joint custody has become a common agreement among divorced parents in The Beehive State.

As a mother, if you are facing a difficult divorce with child custody disputes, you need to seek legal representation from an experienced mothers rights divorce lawyer in Salt Lake City to safeguard your legal rights and the rights of your children. Child custody, child support, visitation and other legal matters pertaining to your children will be determined by what the courts believe is in the best interest of your kids.

Wasatch Defense Attorneys understand that dealing with divorce and child custody proceedings is highly stressful, especially if you are facing a contentious legal battle. To preserve your rights as a mother and establish a winning strategy, contact an experienced divorce and child custody lawyer in Salt Lake City today at 801-845-3509.

Mothers Rights During a Divorce

It is important to establish what is in the best interest of your children during and after your divorce and what parenting plan will work best for your situation to present to the court during the divorce proceedings. The court will evaluate both the mother and father to determine the child or children’s best interest for the following:

  • Child Custody – Utah courts presume that joint legal custody is in the child’s best interest. Primary custody is usually awarded to the child’s primary caretaker over the parent who is the primary financial provider.
  • Child Support – In Utah, child support is based on the number of overnight stays a child spends with each parent.
  • Spousal Support – A mother in Utah us entitled to temporary alimony during divorce proceedings and post-divorce alimony based on circumstances surround her divorce.
  • Marital Property Division – The courts will take into consideration factors like your age, the length of your marriage, the occupation, and standard of living of each spouse to enter a ruling for the division of marital property.
  • Domestic Violence – A mother in Utah have the legal right to seek protective orders if she feels unsafe during the legal proceeding for divorce, child custody, child support and visitation rights. The mother’s rights advocates at Wasatch Defense Attorneys will help you obtain a protective order to help you feel safe during your legal proceeding

The Importance of Establishing Paternity

To establish child support orders in Utah, an unmarried mother must first establish the child’s paternity. Under the Utah Administrative Procedures Act (UAPA), the Office of Recovery Services (ORS) has the authority to legally establish paternity to ensure parents are financially responsible for their children. If you are an unmarried mother who would like to seek financial assistance and medical insurance for your child from the father, Wasatch Defense Attorneys can help you prepare the best legal strategy to help you achieve your child custody and child support goals.

Choose an Experienced Mother’s Rights Divorce Attorney in Utah

Our compassionate mother’s rights divorce lawyers will work with you to protect your legal rights and work with you to fight for the best interest of your children. Contact Wasatch Defense Lawyers today for your free, no-obligation divorce and child custody case review. We proudly offer payment plans and military discounts.