Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Couple going through Divorce Mediation Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah – Wasatch Defense Lawyers

A Salt Lake City Divorce Mediation Attorney That Cares About You

Are you facing the possibility of divorce, or are you already involved in a divorce in Utah? If so, you’re not alone. We understand the difficult position you’re in and we’re committed to helping our clients discover the best solutions for their families. There’s a lot of information surrounding the topic of divorce mediation, and we’re here to help you sort it all out and learn what it means for you.

Mediation in Utah: It’s a Requirement

Unlike in many states where mediation is an option for families who don’t want to pursue litigation, in Utah it’s a requirement. Under Utah law, when a response is filed to divorce petition, all parties are referred to mediation and at least one session must be completed unless the parties have requested and qualified for an excuse for good cause. Although mediation is required, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your case must be resolved through mediation — after one or more sessions, the parties can pursue litigation. However, before considering litigation, it’s important to think about how mediation may benefit your family.

How Mediation Can Help in a Divorce

Simply put, mediation is when both parties in the divorce meet together with a neutral third party to discuss terms of the divorce. When both parties can talk through issues calmly, this collaborative approach can often be more effective and cost-efficient than litigation. It’s particularly beneficial for children who are involved in the divorce — mediation allows for direct communication and faster resolution of pertinent issues, meaning that children are less involved in difficult or drawn-out custody battles.

Mediation can be less stressful for everyone involved and enables parties to move on with their lives after divorce in a positive manner. It’s worth an honest try, however, it’s important to be aware that not all divorce cases can be resolved through mediation. If you and your ex-spouse cannot reach an agreement in mediation on one or more aspects of the divorce that is not in your best interests, you will move to pursue litigation, and a judge will decide the things that could not be agreed upon.

Do I Need a Divorce Mediation Lawyer?

Many people believe that they don’t need a divorce lawyer and that the time to hire one is only if you move forward to litigation. Although this misconception is common, it can be detrimental in many cases.

When entering the process of mediation, you should have a Utah divorce lawyer on your side, evaluating proposed divorce terms and helping you understand how they could potentially affect you and your family. While mediation is meant to be collaborative, it doesn’t stop the other party from proposing terms that may not serve you well.

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