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Vehicular Manslaughter Lawyer in Utah

If you have been charged with vehicular manslaughter in Utah, you need a criminal defense attorney with extensive experience specifically handling manslaughter cases to advocate on your behalf. Settling for anything less than aggressive representation in the state of Utah could mean harsh sentencing involving several years behind bars. Here at Wasatch Defense Lawyers, we have a reputation for providing the highest level of qualified representation in vehicular manslaughter cases in Utah courts. We are ready and able to help you.

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What is Vehicular Manslaughter?

Vehicular manslaughter involves the death of one or more people as the result of criminal negligence involving the use of a motor vehicle. Specifically, vehicular manslaughter is most often associated with drunk or reckless driving. When fatal accidents are suspected to be DUI-related, vehicular manslaughter is most often the primary charge filed.

When are Vehicular Manslaughter Charges Filed?

Prosecutors in the state of Utah take vehicular manslaughter seriously. Reckless or negligent driving–as well as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs–often results in serious prison time.

Per Utah Code § 76-5-204, vehicular manslaughter charges can be brought in one of two major scenarios:

  • Someone guilty of murder receives an offense reduction
  • Someone causes a person’s death through reckless behavior behind the wheel

How is Murder Different from Vehicular Manslaughter?

The key difference between murder and manslaughter is motive. Murder involves the intentional act to kill or seriously injure a person or people. Manslaughter involves an act of being reckless that results in death or serious injury. Examples of reckless driving that could end in vehicular manslaughter include but are not limited to; illegal driving, drunk driving, or excessive speeding that ends with one or more fatalities. Distracted driving from texting can be considered reckless in certain situations as well.

Charges for Vehicular Manslaughter in Utah

The presumptive sentence for the second-degree felony of vehicular manslaughter in Utah is 15 years in prison and a maximum of $10,000 in fines. Additionally, the driver’s license is revoked.

Contact Wasatch Defense Lawyers if You are Facing Vehicular Manslaughter charges in Utah

The most important step you can take to protect your future is to call the right criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Utah laws regarding vehicular manslaughter are particularly complex and involve severe sentencing, so it is vital that you secure the best representation who will use every resource available to fight for your freedom.

The defense team at Wasatch Defense Lawyers can increase your chance for a reduction or even dismissal in charges depending on the details of your case. We are ready and able to argue manslaughter charges down to negligent homicide or even seek acquittal where possible. We have successfully handled many manslaughter cases from a wide range of circumstances and evidence.

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