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Sexual Misconduct Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Sexual Misconduct Defense Lawyer in Utah

Law Scale and Handcuffs - Custodial Sexual Misconduct Definition - Wasatch Defense LawyersIf you have been charged with sexual misconduct in Utah, it is essential that you seek immediate legal representation by an experienced sexual misconduct lawyer to help determine your legal options. Sexual misconduct is a broad term encompasses several behaviors that are sexual in nature, undertaken against the will of another person, with or without their permission, which causes harm or offense for the purpose of sexual gratification. Sexual misconduct includes sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual discrimination, public sexual acts, unwanted touching, intentional exposure of one’s body or forcing another person to commit unwanted sexual acts.

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a workplace harassment subtype under Utah policy R477-15-1 (a) and is defined as unwelcome, demeaning, derisive, pervasive, ridiculing or coercive behavior resulting in an offensive, hostile or intimidating work place even if the violation occurred outside of the work location and scheduled work time. Further conduct of retaliation detailed in Utah policy R477-15-2 includes tangible employment action against a harassed employee.

Custodial Sexual Misconduct

Custodial sexual misconduct is defined in Utah code § 76-5-412 as an offender, who is a law enforcement officer or correctional officer who causes any sexual touching between an offender and victim under correctional supervision or who is a prisoner. The degree of the crime will depend on the specifics including statutory charges if the victim is under 18 years of age.

Sexual Discrimination

Sexual Discrimination is unequal treatment based on gender, pregnancy or sexual orientation in employment. The Utah Antidiscrimination Act prohibits discrimination against a qualified individual because of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions or childbirth.

Choose an Experienced Sexual Misconduct Defense Attorney in Utah

If you or someone you love faces allegations of sexual misconduct in Utah, it is vital it is to contact a qualified, sex crimes defense attorney to establish your best possible defense and safeguard your legal rights. A sexual misconduct conviction can include jail time, sex offender registration, a criminal record and may result in the loss of your job and/or professional license. Wasatch Defense Lawyers believe that everyone deserves a fair trial and we are here to support you and your family during this difficult time. Contact us today for a confidential, free, no-obligation case review.

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