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Mental Health Court

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While crime in Utah has dropped over the last decade, our jail populations have risen due to increasing prison sentences for repeat offenders
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Mental Health Court

While crime in Utah has dropped over the last decade,our jail populations have risen due to increasing prison sentences for repeat offenders. In order to combat this growing expense, the State Government has decided to increase the role of mental health services in the justice system.

As a result, if you’ve been accused of a nonviolent crime and you suffer from a mental illness, you can avoid a criminal sentence by instead enrolling in a state-sponsored treatment program.

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What is Mental Health Court?

Mental health court is part of Utah’s effort to improve its mental health services. Specifically, the mental health court’s purpose is to aid mentally ill people who would usually face a prison sentence by instead placing them in long-term community treatment programs. This not only keeps them out of jail in the present, but also reduces the chances they’ll ever go back to jail in the future.

Goals for Mental Health

Like other problem-solving courts, Utah’s mental health courts work to solve the cause of criminal behavior. They do this by focusing their efforts into achieving six goals:

  1. Divert participants from the criminal justice system
  2. Protect the community
  3. Avoid the revolving door at inpatient facilities and jails
  4. Better the participant’s quality of life
  5. Be effective in use of limited available funds
  6. Increase treatment compliance with difficult patients

Keeping these goals in mind ensures that offenders with serious mental illnesses receive the treatment they need instead of a jail sentence. It also ensures if you are someone that needs it, you get help.

How Do You Participate in Mental Health Court?

Do you think you or your family member qualifies for mental health court? Then here are the steps you should take:

  • First, contact a defense lawyer to aid you through the process. They are your guide to help you follow the correct procedure.
  • Second, as directed by your attorney, collect proof of your mental health status as well as any related medical records.
  • Third, submit your medical records and the charges against you to the prosecutor’s office for review.
  • Finally, be screened by an approved therapist.

The process can seem complicated, but it’s with your best interests in mind. However, feel free to ask your lawyer for updates, explanations, or assistance as you feel necessary.

If you are accepted in Utah’s mental health court program, you are connected with a therapist, case manager, and medical doctor based on your needs. They create a treatment plan with weekly check-ins to track your progress and make sure the treatment plan is working.

Utah Mental Health Defense

If you believe you or a loved one meets the requirements for mental health court, don’t wait! Our caring, experienced representatives help, support and inform you every step of the way. With our assistance, you can possibly avoid jail time, and also get the help you need both legally and medically.

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