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White Collar Crime Lawyers in Utah

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white collar crime attorney in Utah - white collar crime lawyer in Utah
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White Collar Crime Lawyers in Utah

White collar crime is incredibly difficult to track. It involves all the problems of solving a normal crime (who, what, when, and where), but without clear proof of a crime actually happening. Even the best business has its share of mistakes and miscommunication that, without investing lots of time, can easily hide criminal activity.

However, it’s because white collar crimes are so hard to detect that you should take extra care in defending yourself against any allegations. If you’ve been accused of committing a white collar crime, it is because your accuser thinks they can pin it on you. Without expert guidance, you can easily make their job even easier.

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Our dedicated, caring lawyers will aggressively attack the case against you, reducing or even eliminating charges. We’ll walk you through the charges and the defense strategies against them to make sure you can rest easy while we do the heavy lifting. We can even help you avoid a felony conviction.

What is White Collar Crime?

The definition of white collar crime is “a financially motivated, nonviolent crime committed by a person in pursuit of his (or her) profession”. Examples of white collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement or stealing physical materials from your employer,
  • Trade secret or intellectual property theft,
  • Kickbacks, public corruption, or bribery,
  • Insider trading or tax evasion,
  • Various forms of business-related fraud or counterfeiting, and
  • Antitrust or environmental violations

Forensic Accounting

Since white collar crimes are so difficult to detect or trace, any investigation of such crimes typically depends on a special branch of accounting called forensic accounting. As crime show lovers can tell you, “forensic” means scientifically studying a criminal act and that’s what forensic accounting does: it discovers white collar crimes by scientifically following the money. Learn More


As listed in the white collar crime examples, theft in any form counts as a white collar crime. While that does mean that you can be prosecuted for, say, stealing a bagel from the workroom, this form of white collar crime typically deals more with intellectual copyright, trade secrets, and embezzlement. Being convicted of any such charge will not only open you up to liability suits for reimbursement, but also devastate your chances of finding a new job. Learn More


Every business has access to material that, in the wrong hands, can lead to fraud. Credit card numbers, private customer information, and other details can all be used to take advantage of clients, financial institutions, or other businesses. All it takes is one small lie, one misrepresentation, and you’ve crossed over from legitimate business tactics to committing fraud. Learn More


Forgery is a type of fraud because it depends on lying—what sets it apart from fraud is that forgery specifically involves documents. Falsified earning reports, falsified credit card charges, and even fake checks are all examples of forgery. Learn More

White Collar Crime Attorney in Utah

If you’ve been accused of a white collar crime, then the deck is already stacked against you. Improve your odds by hiring Wasatch Defense Lawyers – the right attorneys for the job.

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