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Ignition Interlock Violation Defense Lawyer in Utah

Utah ignition interlock device laws can seem pretty harsh and unforgiving. If you’re supposed to be driving with such a device installed in your car because of a DUI and don’t have one, you don’t want to be stopped by a police officer.

It’s easy to mess up. In the State of Utah, the order to install the device often called a car breathalyzer doesn’t always come from your DUI judge. It more often comes from the state’s driver’s license division. You’d definitely notice the ruling if it came in a court order, but the license bureau letter might be missed or tossed.

And that’s when your trouble starts — and why you need to place a call to Wasatch Defense Lawyers as soon as you know you’re in trouble.

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Ignition Interlock Restriction Laws in Utah

If you get a DUI in Utah, an ignition interlock order is automatic. There’s no way to fight it. For the next 18 months (at least), you’ll be known as an interlock restricted driver, or IRD.

Your term as an IRD increases with the offense. For instance, you’ll drive with the device for three years or longer if

  • You’re under the age of 21 when given a DUI
  • Your blood alcohol content (BAC) makes it a felony conviction
  • It’s not your first DUI conviction over an extended period
  • The offense resulted in someone ’s death

The ignition interlock device placement will most likely be part of your court order if it’s a more serious violation. But if it’s a first offense, you’ll probably get your easy-to-miss notification through the Drivers License Bureau.

Your offense doesn’t even have to be alcohol-related. You’ll become an IRD and be required to have the device installed even if you were impaired by prescription or street drugs. If you’re not expecting this to happen, you might easily get caught unaware.

Here’s more information from the State of Utah on ignition interlock regulations and restrictions.

Consequences if Found Guilty of an Ignition Interlock Violation in Utah

Notification of your IRD status to the various police departments in the state. If you’re pulled over for any reason and the officer sees that you’re driving without the device, the penalty is a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license for one year. You can also get hit with a very steep fine of $1,700 or $1,800.

If you live in an area where public transportation isn’t nearby or convenient or you can’t count on getting rides from friends or family, your freedom will be severely curtailed. You might have a hard time keeping your job without transportation.

You can even be in trouble when you don’t deserve to be. It sometimes happens that the Drivers License Bureau forgets to lift a restriction after your penalty period.
All of those are reasons why it’s so important to get a good lawyer.

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