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Criminal Law Defense Areas of Practice

Experience You Can Trust
You Have the Right to an Aggressive Criminal Law Defense
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Criminal Law Defense Areas of Practice

You Have the Right to an Aggressive Criminal Law Defense

We have represented thousands of clients, who had countless difficulties and challenges, for more than thirty years. Yet, less than 1% of our clients have ever been incarcerated. Don’t settle for less than the most diligent and hardworking attorney.

Wasatch Defense Attorneys stake our reputation on fighting for our clients’ rights.

Here’s a brief summary of our criminal defense practice areas:

Utah Sex Crimes Defense

Sex crime in Utah holds a special place in the legal code and any conviction can permanently ruin your life and your future. Here at Wasatch Defense Attorneys, we know the risks you’re facing and we know how to beat them. Learn more.

Utah Violent Crimes Defense

Capital punishment is alive and well in Utah. So, too, is Utah’s policy of denying record expungement for convicted violent offenders. Without experienced help, a single bad choice can lose you everything you’ve ever worked for. Let us help prevent that. Learn more.

Utah Felony Defense

If you’ve been charged with a felony of any kind in Utah, you can face years in jail and thousands of dollars in fines. Don’t become a victim of the system. We can help. Learn more.

White Collar Crime Defense

Being accused of a white collar crime can not only lose you your job, but it can even wreck your career and your life. The other side has more money, trained lawyers, and better chances for manipulating the story that gets told. Don’t just hope for the best. Let us help. Learn more.

Utah Theft/Fraud Defense

Our theft and fraud defense attorneys are some of the best in Utah. If you’ve been accused of identity theft, embezzlement, or any other form of theft or fraud, we can help you protect yourself. Learn more.

Utah Juvenile Defense

With all of life still in front of them, juvenile offenders deserve more than strict punishment. Don’t risk lasting complications. Learn more.


When it comes to Utah’s legal system, just because the court case ended doesn’t mean you’re out of options. We know how to help. Learn more.

Veterans Court Defense

Utah’s veterans deserve the best support for their sacrifice. We’ll make sure you get what you need. Learn more.

Mental Health Court

Mental illness is sadly misunderstood in today’s culture. It’s also rarely spoken about. What people need to understand is that mental illness is not who you are—it’s an illness which needs to be treated. Don’t be punished for something outside of your control. Learn more.

DUI Defense

DUI offenses are one of the few felonies that, even as a first-time offender, you can never remove from your record. Don’t risk having a permanent record. Let us help you. Learn more.

Utah Record Expungement

Did you know that, even if you aren’t convicted, your arrest, investigation, and detention records are all available to the public? If you are convicted, then your conviction records are also available to anyone! Thankfully, there are options for fixing that. Learn more.

Criminal Appeals

Were you wrongly convicted? Was there a mistake in your investigation that wasn’t properly brought to light? Don’t let the system take advantage of you twice. We can help. Learn more.

Reducing Criminal Convictions

Even if you can’t win the court case, that doesn’t mean you should simply let the court walk all over you. Here at Wasatch Defense Attorneys, we pride ourselves on doing everything we can for our clients—especially when it comes to protecting their quality of life. If you are currently incarcerated, we may still be able to help, Learn more.

Our highly qualified sentencing experts have spent countless hours aggressively attacking the cases against our clients to reduce and even eliminate the penalties our clients might face.

Wasatch Defense Lawyers can help you too. Call us today at  801.980.9965 for a case review at no charge.

Guard Your Rights

Do NOT Waive Your Right to Legal Counsel! Authorities will try get you to incriminate yourself and suggest there is no need for an attorney. Stay calm and call us immediately: 801.980.9965

Experience You Can Trust

We have represented thousands of clients, with countless difficulties and challenges, for more than 100 years. Less than 1% of our clients have ever been incarcerated.

Compassionate & Aggressive

Whether you have a family, financial, or criminal matter – our ethical, caring attorneys listen to YOU and use their expertise and a strong, hands-on approach to get you the best result.