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Child Support Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

Child Support in Utah - Wasatch Defense Lawyer Utah
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Child Support Lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are facing child support issues in Utah from a divorce or as a single parent, choose an aggressive and skilled child support lawyer in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas to ensure that your children are awarded the financial support they deserve. Contact Wasatch Defense Attorneys today for your FREE, no-obligation child support consultation or give us a call at 801-845-3509.

Child support in Utah is established as a part of a divorce, temporary separation, or a support order issued by the Utah Office of Recovery Services (ORS) when parentage is proven. Parents of minor children have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children until age 18 or upon completion of high school, with the exception of emancipated minors. An emancipated minor is an individual who is legally recognized as an independent adult.

How Does Utah Calculate Child Support?

The court will consider each parent’s adjusted gross income from salary, bonuses, unemployment compensation, social security benefits, and other types of income like investments, retirement, trusts and even alimony from a previous marriage to calculate child support. The court will also consider the amount of time each parent will be spending with the child or children. Other factors may influence the court’s decision for awarding child support like the number of children, medical care, childcare and any special care needs.

A table will determine the child support obligation based on an established formula by Utah Code Section 78B-12-301. The established custodial parent will receive the court established child support from the non-custodial parent. Click here for the Utah Department of Human Services interactive child support calculator. Here are a few other child support-related factors that will be considered by the courts to determine financial support for your child(ren):

  • Medical expenses for the child are shared equally between both parents to include the children’s portion of the premium, deductibles, copayments and other non-insured medical expenses.
  • Work-related child care expenses are also equally shared by both parents.
  • Tax exemptions for dependent children are awarded by the court based on each parent’s contribution to the cost of raising the child along with other factors.

Child Support Enforcement in Utah

Child support payments are governed by the court order with arrangements for how and when payments will be made. Payment arrangements can be established between the parents or enforced through the Office of Recovery Services (ORS). All parties must obey court orders to pay child support and abide by scheduled parent time, even if the non-custodial parent is not current with his or her child support payments.

When a motion is filed asking the court to enforce a child support order, the judgment may include enforcement orders for past child support payments. If the defendant is found in contempt of court, they may be ordered to pay a fine and/or serve jail time. When the court issues child custody and support orders in Utah, Wasatch Defense Attorneys child support attorneys will be here should you need assistance with enforcement.

Need to Modify Child Support Orders?

Either parent has the right to ask the court to increase or decrease the amount of child support if there has been a significant change in circumstances since the time the order for child support was entered. Modifications for child support can only be requested after three years of the original child support order and will always follow the court’s obligation to make decisions and changes that are in the best interest of the child. Here are a few reasons to ask the court for child support modification:

  • Increased or Decreased Income
  • Change in Physical Custody
  • Increased Medical Needs
  • New Employment
  • Emancipation of the Minor Child

Choose an Experienced Child Support Lawyer in Utah

The caring and compassionate child support attorneys at Wasatch Defense Attorneys have the experience and skill to help you establish, enforce or modify your child support order to make sure both you and your children receive what you deserve. Call our experienced Utah family law attorneys at 801-845-3509 to schedule your no-obligation consultation to enforce your legal rights and protect your child’s rights.