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Know Your Rights When Charged with Enticement

What if you are confronted by the FBI/ICAC task force? What should you do? Today’s blog entry sets forth your rights. And, if you exercise these rights, there is virtually no way a successful prosecution can proceed against you for enticing a minor over the internet.

When someone is lured into a “meet”, with what law enforcement has set up with a fictitious 13-year-old minor, they are met with an absolutely overwhelming show of force. More than a dozen agents surround the suspect’s vehicle, weapons are drawn as a show of force unlike anything most persons have ever been confronted with.

In the heat of the moment, emotions take control of the suspect, and, in more than 90% of these cases, he attempts to talk his way out of trouble. There could not be a more devastating course of action. Because, once advised of Miranda rights, and the right to remain silent and ask for an attorney, most suspects waive these rights and start answering the onslaught of questioning.

Once a suspect begins to cooperate, law enforcement tells him that if he agrees to talk, he will not be taken to jail. Surprisingly, this is the case most of the time. But it is a short-term relief because all the discussions are recorded and provide indisputable evidence of guilt.

And the icing on the cake? The police tell the suspect if he writes a letter of apology to the fictitious victim’s “mother” he will avoid prosecution. Which is a lie. Most people don’t even realize it’s perfectly legal for law enforcement to lie and that, in fact, they are trained to lie and are highly skilled at it. And that apology letter? It’s an ironclad signed letter of confession. An acknowledgment of absolute guilt. End of game.

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If you are confronted with an arrest, interrogation, and/or are taken into custody, exercising your constitutional right against self-incrimination, and, most critically, requesting an attorney, can completely prevent any conviction. But you must be strong, and you can’t allow the pressure to override your common sense. Remain silent. The police at that time will take you into custody and book you into jail. But so what? You can make bail, and prosecutors will have nothing concrete to convict you on.

NOTE: Be careful at the jail … it is not uncommon for law enforcement to “pose” as an inmate. They will sidle up to you in a friendly manner and attempt to pull admissions of guilt from you.

We are not condoning enticement of a minor over the internet. We here at Wasatch Defense Lawyers do, however, believe that TREATMENT is appropriate in these cases NOT jail or prison. There is no actual “victim” and we believe we can rehabilitate men whom fallen into criminal thinking errors. Why subject yourself to prison? Why become saddled with registered sex offender status for LIFE? Why become a convicted felon for LIFE? Instead, recognize that something is wrong, very wrong, with your psychosexual mindset and that dramatic changes need to be accomplished.

We have excellent therapists, treatment facilities, and physicians which can help you change. Often, a combination of one on one counseling, group therapy, and proper medication, can completely remove the addictions and thinking errors which instigate enticement behaviors. Let’s get to work. Let’s change your life. And protect your future. Call 801.845.3446 for a free case review.

Craig R. Chlarson