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Sexual Harassment Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Sexual Harassment Definition Per Utah Law

As an employer or an employee in Utah, you need to be aware of the laws regarding sexual harassment. The Utah Antidiscrimination Act prohibits discrimination in employment, and a few points to keep in mind are:

Sexual harassment is considered any form of discrimination based on sex, gender, pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions, and/or sexual orientation.

The Act applies to all government entities and private companies with 15 or more employees, but not to religious organizations, sole proprietorships, associations, societies, or educational institutions.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Keep in mind that the legal definition of sexual harassment includes an unwelcome sexual advance or any other physical or verbal conduct with sexual intent. Such conduct is particularly dangerous when combined with an explicit or implicit understanding that the recipient’s employment prospects are contingent upon acceptance, when said conduct impairs the recipient’s work performance, or creates a hostile work environment. Examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Telling sexually explicit jokes to fellow employees;
  • A superior hinting to an employee, even in jest, that the employee must have sex with him/her to remain employed;
  • Belittling a fellow employee and refer to him/her in a sexist or demeaning way;
  • Sending emails on showing photos to co-workers of a sexual or explicit nature;
  • The use of nicknames or pet names for fellow employees;
  • Whistling and/or making comments about an employee’s body or appearance;
  • Spreading rumors of an explicit nature about a fellow employee;
  • Giving inappropriate gifts, invading personal space, and stalking;
  • Any form of inappropriate touching (other than a professional handshake);
  • Discriminating in hiring, firing, promotion, or demotion based on someone’s gender

These are examples of some very common cases of sexual harassment in the work environment, but there are many others that result in legal complications on a regular basis.

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