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Fraud Defense Attorney in Utah

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Fraud Defense Attorney in Utah
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Fraud Defense Attorney in Utah

Fraud is a popular target for law enforcement, both at the state and federal levels. Various forms of fraud cost American taxpayers billions per year and Utah is no exception. However, fraud is often a case of big government (or big corporations) against the little man. There’s a lot of pressure on government agencies to cut fraud and also a lot of overlap between the various laws that allow for a single fraud charge to quickly snowball into epic proportions.

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Fraud Defense Lawyers in Salt Lake City

If you are being accused of any form of fraud, you need a criminal defense lawyer who can guide you every step of the way. Our experienced attorneys ensure speedy resolutions and can even help you completely avoid a felony conviction!

Is Fraud a Felony?

Since fraud is a form of theft, the criminal classification for fraud charges typically follows the same breakdown as for theft charges, which is:

  • Less than $500 — Class B misdemeanor
  • Between $500 and $1,499 — Class A misdemeanor
  • Between $1,500 and $4,999 — third-degree felony
  • $5,000 or more — second-degree felony

Here are a few examples of different kinds of fraud.

Check Fraud in Utah:

Probably the most well-known version of fraud, check fraud covers any instance of paying for something via check when you know you don’t (or won’t) have enough money for the check to be honored once it’s deposited. Utah offers a grace period in which you can repay the debt and avoid any criminal charges, but it’s not long.

Investor Fraud in Utah:

Investor fraud covers things like Ponzi schemes or real estate scams. Investor fraud is when someone fakes investment opportunities of any kind in order to tempt people to give them money. It’s important to note that even if you return the funds, you could still face criminal charges.

Credit Card Fraud in Utah:

Most people’s exposure to credit card fraud is usually via identity theft: someone steals someone else’s credit card information and uses it. This is a prime example of how a single action can be counted as multiple crimes, since it counts as both identity theft and credit card fraud. However, credit card fraud also covers crimes such as:

  • Trying to steal classified card information
  • Falsely billing a credit card for goods or services
  • Unlawfully transferring a credit card to another person
  • Lying on a credit card application form

The Justice Department is cracking down on credit card fraud and has requested state governments to toughen the punishments for the crime. As a result, credit card fraud is often treated as a more serious offense than other forms of fraud.

Bank Fraud in Utah:

Whether you’re lying about your income to secure a loan or using someone else’s identity to steal money, that’s all bank fraud. Basically, any form of fraud that involves a bank can be grounds for bank fraud charges.

Health Fraud in Utah:

Sometimes confused disability fraud due to their occasional overlapping definitions, health fraud covers any attempt to receive money, goods, or services by lying about your health or the health of those in your care.

Insurance Fraud in Utah:

If you lie or cause someone else to lie in order to gain some form of illegal compensation (increase an insurance payout, for example, or get a better policy for less money), then you’ve committed insurance fraud. Given that insurance rarely deals in policies worth less than $1,500, this is nearly always a felony.

Social Security Fraud in Utah:

Social security fraud covers any attempt to mislead the Social Security Administration into granting or increasing benefits when the recipient doesn’t legally deserve them. This generally covers disability fraud as well.

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