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When you are hit hard economically, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option left for you.
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Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

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When you are hit hard economically, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option left for you. In Utah law the process has a definite procedure and you are required to adhere to the court guidelines. Since it can be so complex, you need to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Utah to assist with the process. With creditors stalking you and the pressure mounting from your service providers, you may be tempted to ignore the important process of finding the right Utah bankruptcy attorney.

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It’s very important to remember a few factors in securing the best lawyer:

  • Get Value for Your Money – standard charge should include consultation, evaluation of your financial situation and a thorough preparation of the bankruptcy petition.
  • Utah Bankruptcy Code Changes – ensure your bankruptcy attorney is an expert on the latest changes, to keep you on the right track.
  • Avoid the Assembly Line – Some firms are notorious for pushing cases through without caring for your individual needs or situation – you deserve a personal approach.

A Utahans, know we understand that we have a constitutional right, to be free from devastating debt so we can provide for our families. We are all human and can make mistakes or have unforeseen issues arise that change our financial stability. A Free bankruptcy consultation is essential when you are surrounded by debt and are fighting for financial stability. Don’t be afraid, with the right advice and legal help you can secure adequate protection under the law.

Review the three types of Utah Bankruptcies:

Utah Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the “clean slate” version of bankruptcy, which does away with all of your debts, but also with all of your assets (barring those which are given an exemption). However, it can be contested by your creditors and declared abusive by the court.

Utah Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

While a Chapter 11 bankruptcy doesn’t wipe away your debts, it does make them less burdensome by essentially entering into negotiations with your creditors in order to forgive some or all of a debt, to delay payment, or to lengthen the timetable for repayment. It will hurt your financial standing less than Chapter 7, however, and allow you to remain in business if you’re a business owner or partner.

Utah Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is mostly useful for preventing things like foreclosures on your home by having you present a plan for repayment. If your Chapter 7 bankruptcy is declared abusive, you can instead convert it to a Chapter 13.

We have years of experience working work with all types of clients to discharge their debts, regardless of their incomes, their professions, or their socioeconomic status. Wasatch Defense Lawyers believe this process of eliminating debt and reorganizing one’s life; in order to help you “fight back and get on track” is vital to everyone. Therefore, we work with all types of budgets and backgrounds.

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