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Good people can, at times, make bad mistakes. Horrific mistakes even. After the dust settles, and, the consequences of arrest and booking into jail becomes a reality, fear sets in. At this point, many of our clients ask themselves, “How did this happen to me?!”

Wasatch Defense Lawyers has been in business for more than 35 years. This was long before the internet was the ubiquitous tool it is today. So our perspective of internet sex offenses actually predates enticing a minor legislation. And we have learned that there are three primary sources, or causes, of the criminal behavior we see in enticement cases.

  1. First, and foremost, a severe addiction to pornography is ALWAYS a component of enticement activity. Sometimes this addiction spills over into illegal child pornography, and, upon apprehension by law enforcement, a suspect’s phone is immediately seized … revealing this highly illegal content. And, when we are discussing pornography addiction, we are not talking about one, two, three, or even four hours per day of viewing, we are talking about as much as twelve to sixteen hours per day. This intense addiction actually stimulates the same portion of the human brain as cocaine and methamphetamine … flooding neuroreceptors with dopamine and serotonin. Thus, a severe lack of control of one’s actions leads to a path that often results in criminal apprehension.
  2. Next, on a similar note, drug addiction, often in combination with pornography addiction, fuels the extreme departure from legal behavior observed in enticing a minor over the internet. The drugs incite the pornography addiction which leads to criminal actions … and the pornography addiction incites the use of drugs … in a never-ending cycle … resulting in what a suspect inherently knows is flawed and highly illegal conduct.
  3. Finally, it is impossible to describe a person’s mental health as anything other than desperately ill when we assess enticement activities. Quite often clinical depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and anxiety lead to the above-referenced addictions. And most individuals suffering from severe mental health problems fail to reach out for help from a licensed physician. And they do not medicate with the appropriate medical protocols. Added to addiction, self-control evaporates.

These three linchpins are always represented, in one form or another, when we discuss a client’s sex offense arrest. And therefore, we here at Wasatch Defense Lawyers work towards TREATMENT as the appropriate course of action for the courts to follow. Not jail. Not prison. People can, and do, overcome these debilitating problems with proper care. That’s why we team up with the best therapists, physicians, and facilities to address the issues which lead to criminality.

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We know how this happened to you. It was a cyclone, a tangled web, of addiction and mental health issues which allowed your thought processes to become distorted, self-entitled, and unwell. And we can help you. Good people do very bad things. That doesn’t mean they are bad, it means they have bad habits and flawed thinking. From a perspective of treatment, rather than punishment, rehabilitation is not only possible but highly probable.

Craig R. Chlarson