Sextortion Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Sextortion Defense Lawyer in Utah

Sextortion lawyer graphic - Wasatch Defense LawyersA lawsuit against you for allegedly committing sexual extortion can cost you. Given the seriousness of the case, you need a professional sextortion lawyer in Utah to represent you. If you want an attorney who will fight for you, contact Wasatch Defense Lawyers today for a FREE consultation.

What is Sextortion?

It’s the use of sexual exploitation to coerce someone to give photos, videos, and recordings that are sexual nature. In most cases, the offenders use the opportunity to ask for sexual favors and money. They use the guilt, power and ravaging information to force their offender to take action in their favor.

Is Sextortion a Crime?

Sextortion is a new form of sexual assault whereby the offenders do not require the presence of their victims to commit the offense. Under the Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry, aggravated sexual extortion is a registrable offense.

Sexual Exploitation 

A study on sexual extortion by Senior Fellow Benjamin Franklin Wittes reveals that 78% of the victims are mostly minors; the offenders are all male and usually have more than one victim. The adult victims are all women while the child victims are boys and girls. Teens are particularly profoundly easy to target due to their sexting tendencies. Further, Franklin estimates that there could be an estimated 6,000 sextortion victims.

Sexual exploitation cases are on the increase, but one that affected a massive number of victims is that of Lucas Michael Chansler.  He used to pose as a 15-year-old boy and then befriended young girls aged 13-18 on social media sites like Myspace and AIM between 2007 and 2010. He victimized over 350 from Canada, US, and the UK.   Whenever he had an opportunity to video-chat with his victims, he would coerce them into sending explicit photos. Unknown to the victims, Lucas was recording everything. In 2015 after the investigation by the FBI, Chansler was found guilty and hit with a 106 years sentence for sex crimes.

Sextortion Laws in Utah

Cyber exploitation laws in the state of Utah laws define that a person 18 years or older is guilty of committing sexual extortion if the individual has an intent to coerce a victim to produce, distribute explicit images, videos, or other recordings when naked or when engaging sexual conduct.  Such offenders will threaten to distribute images, videos or the recordings of the victims that involve sexual conduct.  In the State of Utah, sexual extortion is a third-degree felony, aggravated sexual extortion involving an adult is a second-degree felony while aggravated sexual extortion involving a minor or a vulnerable adult is a second-degree felony.

Penalties for Sextortion in Utah

Unfortunately, just like cyber-attacks like revenge porn, there are no outright laws on either sextortion or a uniform punishment for the offenders. However, a sexual exploitation offender will be punished for various crimes such as extortion, intimidation, bribery, child pornography, and cyberstalking.  The circumstance of your case will determine how your charges will be. You could even be charged with a number of crimes. And it gets even more serious if it involved a minor.

Sexual Exploitation Attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah

It doesn’t matter if the allegations are unfounded, how well you’re able to prove your innocence or how good your reputation was before the accusations; a sextortion lawsuit is a serious case. Wasatch Defense Lawyers can handle your case so you can regain your freedom. Our criminal defense lawyers in Salt Lake, Utah can work to reduce the charges, help you stay out of jail, keep you out of the sex offender registry or even get the case charges dropped.

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