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Lewd Acts Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Lewd Acts Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Being charged and convicted of lewd acts can profoundly affect your reputation. If you, a family member or loved one has been charged with lewdness in Utah, it is crucial that you seek immediate representation by an experienced, sex crime defense lawyer to help determine your legal options. For a free, no-obligation consultation contact Wasatch Defense Attorneys today at 801-845-3509. We have won numerous sex crime acquittals and successfully handled hundreds of jury trials in Utah.

Lewdness Charge Definition in Utah?

The legal definition of lewd acts in Utah are described as indecent or obscene acts performed in public or the presence of others for the purpose of sexual arousal; lewd conduct is classified as a sex crime in the state of Utah. Things that would constitute a lewd act in Utah include masturbation, having sex in public, exposing genitals, buttocks, anus or pelvic areas. The offense of lewdness under Utah criminal code section 76-9-702 can carry harsh penalties including jail time and monetary fines depending on the nature of the offense and the consideration of previous convictions. Lewd and lascivious conduct refers to a public sexual act that would be considered indecent behavior not in accordance with the community’s moral standards. Breastfeeding in public, with or without a cover, is NOT considered a lewd act in Utah.

Lewd Conduct and Indecent Public Display Laws in Utah

Lewd conduct statutes in the state of Utah are some of the strictest set forth in the US. Behavior motivated by lewdness that does not involve a minor under the age of fourteen is considered a class B misdemeanor that carries a penalty of up to $1,000 in fines and/or six months in jail. The penalties for lewd conduct and indecent exposure in a public place can be elevated when in association with the following:

  • Lewdness Involving a Child – Lewd acts involving a person under the age of fourteen are considered a class A misdemeanor with potential fines of up to $2,500, jail time of up to one year and a requirement to register as a sex offender for ten years.
  • Prior Convictions – Two or more prior convictions of lewdness or indecent exposure in a public place will be charged as a third-degree felony that can result in up to five years in prison and/or $5,000 in fines.
  • Lewd Acts Committed by a Registered Sex Offender – A registered sex offender who is convicted of lewd conduct or indecent public display will be charged as a third-degree felony with penalties of up to $5,000 in fines and/or up to five years in prison.

Legally, a public place is defined as any place that is accessible or viewable by the general public. Public places include roads, parks, stores, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, and jail or prison facilities.

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If you have been charged with lewdness in Utah, it is important to contact a qualified, experienced lewd acts defense attorney to safeguard your legal rights and establish the best possible defense for a more favorable outcome. Wasatch Defense Lawyers believe that everyone deserves a fair trial and we are here to support you and your family during this very difficult time. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case review; we offer payment plans and military discounts.