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5 Common Types of Crimes During Holiday Times

Ever wonder why calls to criminal defense attorneys in Utah increase during the holiday season? The answer is simple: because crime rates historically are higher during the holidays not only in Utah but nationwide.

So what are the top reasons one might seek the best criminal defense attorney in Utah? Likely because they have committed one or more of these top 5 holiday legal offenses.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Even people who don’t typically partake in spirits might imbibe in alcoholic beverages celebrating the holiday season. Some may drink to excess getting into the spirit of things and attempt to drive home. Even if a fatality doesn’t result, DUI in Utah is a serious offense that has severe repercussions, especially without a DUI criminal defense lawyer.


The temptation of knowing that homeowners are likely to have some expensive goodies under their trees is just too much for some. The holidays are also known to be a time when families go on vacations are spend hours at a time out shopping, which elevates burglary crimes in Utah. High-level security systems are making it more challenging to get away with this offense and even harder for a burglary criminal defense lawyer to defend.

Crimes Involving Theft

Shoplifting is extremely common during the holidays when stores are typically crowded and clerks and security are extra busy and often distracted. It’s easy to take advantage of the opportunity to secure some gifts for themselves for free. Another form of theft in Utah is porch pirating, which is becoming more common as Internet buying surges exponentially during the gifting season.

Sex Crimes

In cases of sex crimes, it’s not unusual for either one or both parties to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the rape or sexual assault. With impaired judgments and loosened inhibitions, it’s easy to misconstrue signs and communications. Avoid being a perpetrator or a victim involved in sexual assault situations by staying mindful of alcohol consumption during holiday gatherings or potentially risky situations.

Domestic Violence

The holidays are stressful for numerous reasons. Shopping, multiple obligations, family in town, and perhaps too much alcohol tend to lead to an influx of domestic violence cases statewide. In fact, this time of year is when law enforcement responds to more frequent domestic incidences. It’s recommended to find a few ways to cope when stress crops up such as distancing from your partner, avoiding alcohol, or moderate exercise to take off the edge.

Made a Mistake and Want the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah?

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