Sexual Assault Defense

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Sexual assault, usually called “aggravated sexual assault” in Utah, is a secondary charge.
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Sexual Assault Defense

Sexual assault, usually called “aggravated sexual assault” in Utah, is a secondary charge. That means it’s tied to another charge, such as rape, attempted rape, or some other sexual crime. As a secondary charge, most people tend to ignore it as being less important than the primary charge—whatever crime allegedly provided the source of the sexual assault—but that can be a fatal mistake.

While every form of sexual crime can result in a prison sentence, sexual assault raises the stakes substantially by adding 5 years or more to the minimum sentence for the crime. Especially for crimes where there is no minimum sentence, sexual assault establishes a minimum – and it can never be less than 6 years. Making things worse is that not every crime sexual assault is tied to is considered a first degree felony, but sexual assault is always first degree.

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What is Sexual Assault?

The definition of sexual assault is if, while committing or attempting to commit a sexual crime, the accused:

  • Seriously injures the victim
  • Uses or threatens to use a weapon
  • Threatens to hurt, kidnap, or kill the victim
  • Is aided or abetted by one or more other people

Punishment for Sexual Assault

Any form of sexual assault is considered a first degree felony. Any sexual crime that’s considered a first degree felony is grounds for a lifetime spent on Utah’s sex offender registry. That means that you can beat or reduce the primary charges, but still end up being labeled a sex offender—for life.

Furthermore, sexual assault charges carry minimum prison sentences of up to six years and include the possibility of a life sentence or even (unless you were a minor at the time) of life without parole. While six years is the minimum, 10 to 15 years are more common and that’s just as a starting point.

Combined, these punishments make sexual assault an incredibly serious charge. If your defense gets mismanaged even slightly, a mistake that took only seconds to make could end up costing you decades.

Why You Need a Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

This is your life we’re talking about. With a first degree felony and a permanent place on the sex offender registry, your quality of life is doomed – that is, only if you go it alone.

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