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The Rise of Sexual Violence During the Pandemic

The point of staying at home during a pandemic is to keep everyone as safe as possible. When we limit exposure to the virus, we limit the strain on our healthcare professionals. But this simplistic equation is more complicated than it seems because not everyone is safe in their own homes.

Sexual violence is a real threat for many people during regular circumstances, and the rates only increase during emergencies like COVID-19. We’ll look at the factors that fuel the fire, and how sex crime defense attorneys can help you protect yourself and the people you love.

Sexual Violence On the Rise

It only took two weeks of lockdown in Spain for domestic violence reports to shoot up by 18% compared to the previous month. Similar numbers were published in other parts of the world as well, mirroring the increases we’ve seen after other events, such as Hurricane Katrina. When people feel stressed and powerless, their emotions can quickly overwhelm the situation, resulting in everything from domestic violence to sexual assault.

The Dangerous Reality for Children

Millions of Americans are out of work right now, creating pressure on families all over the country. Plus, everyone now has more time to spend at home with many kids still attending school through virtual means. The vast majority of kids who are experiencing sexual abuse either know or already live with the perpetrator, and foster children or those living with unrelated people may be particularly at risk. These threats actually extend to any population in limited circumstances, such as the elderly, homeless, or those living with a substance abuse disorder.

The Controlling Common Denominators

Abusers tend to exert intense control over their victims, similar to kidnappers. They first isolate the victim, a feat made easier by stay-at-home orders, before imposing strict surveillance over them and penalties for breaking any rules. The consistency and depth of control are truly chilling. Abusers make it difficult for victims to gain access to basic necessities, let alone the resources they need to get out of the suffocating situation. As shelters close around the world and healthcare services become more limited, COVID-19 has created the perfect storm for victims.

Speaking Out

Under the best of circumstances, fewer than one in four sexual assaults are reported. The pandemic has caused everyone to adjust their routines and as the months slip by, increasingly disturbing behavior may become normalized simply because the home has become so central to our lives. But it’s more important than ever before to stand up when something is wrong. Even as support dries up around us, there are people that you can turn to.

Sex Crime Defense Lawyers in Utah

Wasatch Defense Lawyers understand the dynamics behind sexual violence and why it’s so important to get help as soon as possible. If you’re searching for a sex crime lawyer, we’re here to learn more about your story. Whether it’s you or someone you love, taking action is truly non-negotiable. A sex crimes attorney can work through the details and help you develop a plan that will lead to everyone’s safety and well-being.

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