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Will I Get Alimony in Utah?

divorce is more than leaving a partner. A divorce disrupts people’s lives, emotionally and financially. This could be no further from the truth if you are the dependent spouse in the relationship. So, you ask yourself: will I get alimony in Utah if we divorce?

What is Alimony?

Alimony is financial support provided by one party to the other party as ordered by the court. There are different types of alimony: (1) temporary; (2) short-term; and (3) long-term.

  1. Temporary alimony is granted by the court often to help preserve the status quo while the divorce is pending.
  2. Short-term alimony is granted upon the dissolution of the marriage to help the dependent spouse acquire things like skills or employment that will enable the alimony recipient to support him or herself without spousal support.
  3. Long-term alimony, also known as permanent alimony, is granted in the final judgment for spouses who have “significant needs.” It is also the type of alimony reserved for spouses who have been in a long marriage.

Generally speaking, alimony is not awarded for a duration of time that exceeds the amount of time the parties were married. Only in special circumstances will this occur.

Alimony terminates according to the court order, but it can also terminate if one of three specific conditions occur: (1) you remarry; (2) you cohabit with another person and the supporting spouse has proven the same to the court; or (3) you die.

Will I Get Alimony?

You will receive alimony only if the court orders it. That is the reason it is so important to retain an experienced alimony lawyer who knows how the court operates and has a comprehensive understanding of all the issues at stake. An experienced alimony attorney in Utah will be able to outline your case clearly, persuasively, and factually with a solid legal argument.

What are the Factors the Court Considers for Granting Alimony in Utah?

There are a number of factors the court considers when determining whether or not alimony will be awarded. These are the same factors your attorney will likely use in his or her arguments in favor of alimony for you.

  • Your financial situation or financial needs (.e.g, monthly debts, household expenses, obligations)
  • Your ability to earn a living. (e.g., past employment, education, stay-at-home-mom)
  • Your employment at ex-spouse’s business
  • Supporting spouse ability to pay alimony
  • Your contribution to supporting spouse’s education or overall capacity to earn
  • How long you were married
  • Whether or not you have custody of children
  • Whether or not one or both spouses were specifically at fault for the breakup of the marriage (e.g., adultery, domestic abuse, financial abuse).

If you need alimony, then you need an attorney who can provide a comprehensive and meaningful legal assessment of your unique situation in a way the court appreciates. This process involves more than just saying you need it. Your attorney must show it, and that can be harder than it sounds, especially when it is completely up to the court to decide to award alimony or not.

Compassionate, Aggressive Alimony Attorneys in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you are considering divorce and you know you will need alimony, it is important to find an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. It is not just about filing a paper in court, but a life change that can alter how you live and what the quality of that life will be. At Wasatch Defense Lawyers, we are committed to helping you through your divorce and to obtaining alimony. We offer free, confidential case reviews and payment arrangements — because we know you are under a lot of stress and need all the support you can get. Contact us today either online or at 801-980-9965.

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