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A “Lawyer” is a professional who practices and applies law in various capacities such as an attorney, counselor, or solicitor. Law itself is a system of rules established by governing bodies of a society, aimed at rectifying wrongs, sustaining political and social stability, and delivering justice. The work of a lawyer involves the practical use of these often abstract legal theories to resolve particular problems or further the interests of clients seeking legal services.

At Wasatch Defense Lawyers, our lawyers specialize in criminal law, focusing on protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals who have been arrested or accused of a crime in Utah. They offer strategic and comprehensive defense services, examining and interpreting the law to provide the best possible defense. The role of a lawyer can differ considerably across jurisdictions; however, universally they provide crucial guidance, advice, representation, and support to their clients in navigating the complex legal system.

Our lawyers at Wasatch Defense Lawyers are committed to helping clients understand their legal rights and options, reducing the fear and uncertainty that often come with being part of a legal proceeding. They play a pivotal role in the outcome of a case, leveraging their knowledge, experience, and skills to ensure that every client gets a fair chance in court. From theft crimes and drug charges to DUI and sex crimes, our team carries a proven track record with more than 650 trials to their credit and more 5-star reviews than any other criminal defense firm in Utah. They are available 24/7 and also offer free case reviews to help clients understand their situation better.