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What Effect Do Energy Drinks Have on Drunk Driving?

Energy drinks have soared in popularity over the past decade in the U.S. and around the globe. Market Watch (2021) reports that the worldwide energy drink market is expected to grow by $86 billion between 2020 and 2024, an increase of 7.6%. Even though energy drinks are legal and so widely used, it may be unsafe to consume these products in some circumstances. In fact, energy drinks mixed with alcohol are now recognized by the world’s leading health authorities for potential negative impacts to health and safety. Consuming energy drinks and alcohol can also lead to DUI charges and criminal conviction.

A Utah DUI defense lawyer can provide details regarding when and why using energy drinks and alcohol in a short time frame may also result in charges of criminal behavior.

Health Risk from Energy Drinks

So, what do the world’s top health authorities say about energy drinks? There have been numerous advisories about the health and safety concerns regarding energy drinks published by The World Health Organization and multiple U.S. public health research and management agencies. For example, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised that 1,145 adolescents needed emergency medical treatment due to consuming energy drinks in 2007. The CDC further warns adults with heart health issues against mixing energy drinks with alcohol. The National Institute of Health (NIH) also has published findings exposing the high risk of energy drinks when mixed with alcohol.

Safety Risk from Energy Drinks

In addition to the question of health effects from consuming energy drinks and alcohol within a brief time frame can significantly impact judgment when operating a motor vehicle. Driving with impaired judgment, due to consuming alcohol and energy drinks can lead to a drunk driving charge, which is a very serious offense that carries severe penalties in Utah.

But, drinking energy beverages along with alcohol is not uncommon, and many people are unaware of the hazard of doing so. In some cases, people find they feel exceptionally awake and alert from consuming the energy drink, yet they are drunk from alcohol at the same time. The NIH report calls this a state of “wide-awake drunkenness.” That effect can cause a driver who has consumed both types of beverages within a short time frame to gain false confidence in their ability to operate a vehicle properly. That false sense of capability can lead to impaired judgment and inappropriate risk-taking.

Although a driver may not have consumed a large enough amount of either alcoholic or energy beverage to become intoxicated, when the two are combined, the effect can be an unexpected condition of being impaired by alcohol while at the same time feeling confident that one is not impaired.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid consuming both alcohol and energy drinks within a small time frame, if you plan to drive a vehicle soon after drinking these. Driving while intoxicated is a very serious charge in the state of Utah, which carries potentially serious legal consequences. The simplest and surest way to avoid such an issue is to eliminate risk by not driving after combining alcohol with energy drinks.

If You are Charged with DUI After Consuming Energy Drinks

It may seem easy enough to explain in court that you had consumed only an energy drink or two and no more than one cocktail with a single shot of liquor in it, prior to being charged with drunk driving. But, for such a defense, you should try to have the best DUI attorney in Utah making that case for you.

A DUI charge is very serious in Utah, putting you at risk of tough penalties, depending on various factors of the case. You will need the best DUI attorney Utah has available to you, to build the strongest possible case for you. Your Utah DUI lawyer will further ensure that all of your rights are protected throughout the legal processing of your case through the Utah court system.

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