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The Differences Between Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in Utah

Understanding Sexual Laws in Utah

Understanding the thin line that separates sexual harassment and sexual assault can be difficult for most individuals. However, having this knowledge can be crucial in particular circumstances. Not only will it facilitate a more profound recognition of one’s rights, but it also helps someone defend themselves better when wrongly accused. As your preferred sex defense lawyers, Wasatch Defense Lawyers are here to provide a comprehensive rundown of the differences between sexual harassment and sexual assault in Utah.

Understanding Sexual Harassment with Sex Defense Lawyers

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that can include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. It becomes unlawful when enduring the offensive conduct becomes a condition of continued employment, or if the conduct is severe or pervasive enough to create a hostile work environment.

Unraveling the Complexity of Sexual Assault

In contrast, sexual assault is a serious crime that includes a wide range of activities, such as rape, attempted rape, sexual touching or fondling, and forced sexual acts. It is, typically, an act where one intentionally touches another in a sexual way without their consent, or forces someone to engage in a sexual act against their will.

The Legal Distinctions: A Perspective from Top Sex Defense Lawyers

The seminal difference between the two is where they occur and the level of the offense. While sexual harassment is more common in the workplace and is considered discriminatory, sexual assault is a criminal act which can happen anywhere and is considered a violent crime under Utah law.

Moreover, the legal consequences differ vastly. A person accused of sexual harassment may face job termination or legal action claiming employment discrimination. However, a person charged with sexual assault faces criminal penalties, including heavy fines, probation, or imprisonment.

Expert Defense with Wasatch Defense Lawyers

Facing accusations of either sexual harassment or assault can be a daunting experience. Not only do you have your freedom at stake, but your reputation and livelihood can be significantly affected as well. This is why engaging a professional sex defense lawyer can make a difference.

At Wasatch Defense Lawyers, we understand the severity of these charges and how they can impact your life. Our award-winning legal team, with over 650 trials to our credit, has the knowledge, skills, and determination to provide you with an aggressive defense.

Protect Your Rights with Adept Sex Defense Lawyers

Understanding and distinguishing between sexual harassment and sexual assault is the first step to protecting your rights. However, when you are on the receiving end of these allegations, the first call you make should be to a seasoned sex defense lawyer.

Wasatch Defense Lawyers are available for you, 24/7. We provide a FREE case review and consultation to kickstart your defense strategy. Remember, the right to defend yourself starts now; let us help you uphold that right.

Are you facing accusations of sexual harassment or assault in Utah? Don’t negotiate your rights alone. Call Wasatch Defense Lawyers today at (801) 980-9965 or visit our contact page for a private consultation and free case evaluation. Let us be your staunch advocates, shielding your freedoms and rights in this trying time.

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