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How to See What’s on Your Criminal Record Background Check?

How Can I See What’s on My Background Check in Utah?  

If you apply for a new job, a rental property, a volunteer position, military enlistment, a child adoption, firearm purchase, etc., a criminal background check may be required. This can present a frightening potential obstacle, possibly putting a life-changing opportunity out of reach. So, naturally, you may feel the need to be sure in advance what a report of your criminal record may contain at this point and have a chance to help mitigate the way it may be interpreted and weighed by a reviewer.

What Do I Need to Do to Get a Copy of My Criminal Record in Utah?

Here are some things you may be concerned about if you need to provide a criminal background check and steps you can take to challenge the inclusion of some information or expunge it from your record:

Can I Get a Copy of My Criminal Background Check Results Before Someone Else Requests It?

You may prefer to check criminal background information in your state or federal file before providing it to someone who requests it from you. You can submit a request for a copy of your Utah criminal record and/or your FBI identity record referenced by fingerprint anytime.

Which Kinds of Criminal Background Checks Can You Get?

There are two primary resources for obtaining criminal background checks in Utah:

  • FBI records check based on fingerprints
  • BCI records check based on name and birthdate

Where Can I Get a Copy of My Utah Criminal Record?

You can request a report of your Utah criminal record from the Bureau of Criminal Identification by mail or in person at the office in Salt Lake City:

3888 West 5400 South

Taylorsville, Utah 84129

Phone: 801-965-4445

To obtain information through the mail, you will need to print and fill out the request form accessible on the BCI website and mail it to the above address along with the required fee.

How Can I Get a Copy of My FBI Criminal Record?

The FBI process requires a copy of your fingerprints. There are several options for submitting requests for your identity summary from the FBI:

  • By U.S. mail
  • By online request
  • By an FBI-authorized business that assists with background checks. There may be an added fee for this service and processing times may vary.

How Much Does It Cost to Get My Criminal Background Check?

  • UBCI: With your application for a Utah criminal record check, the fee is $15.
  • FBI: With your application for an identity check through the FBI, the fee is $18.

Who Can Legally Request My Criminal Background Information?

In Utah, only specific types of organizations can legally request your criminal background information from the State of Utah or the FBI. Entities approved for direct requests include those that work for these interests:

  • National security
  • Children
  • Vulnerable adults
  • Fiduciary trusts

NOTE: Entities working with the parties above and who are approved to request your background information directly from the state and federal agencies that provide it, may receive it. All other entities who might require it must ask you to request your background check directly from the UBCI or FBI and then provide them with the results.

What Happens After I Agree to a Background Check?

Before anyone requesting your criminal background information can receive it, they must obtain a signed release from you. The release must include information about who will see the report and how your background information will be used.

You also have the legal right to review and contest the information in your background report. However, under Utah law, any organization that receives your criminal background report is prohibited from providing you with a copy. To obtain the report, you must request it and receive it directly from one of the three sources listed above.

Can I Get Changes Made to My Criminal Background Report?

Changes can be made to a criminal record. If you find incorrect information in your report, you can challenge the accuracy of the record. You can also potentially go through the legal process to expunge a record of a criminal conviction if you are eligible to do so. Either of these efforts will likely be more efficient and potentially more effective with the help of an experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer.

To Have a Criminal Record Expunged, Contact Wasatch

The Wasatch Defense Lawyers in Salt Lake City, Utah have many years of experience in contesting erroneous information on criminal records and obtaining expungements for clients.

If you need to contest errors on your criminal record or obtain an expungement in Utah, call Wasatch Defense Lawyers at (801) 980-9965, or use our online request.

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