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Cashless Bail System Linked to Increase in Crime: Study Finds

Washington, DC (Feb 18, 2023) – A new study has revealed a connection between cashless bail and an increase in crime recidivism. The study, conducted by the Marshall Project, found that violent crimes involving repeat offenders have prompted questions about sentencing, bail reform, and the criminal justice system.

The study found that when cash bail is required, people are more likely to remain in jail until their trial. This can lead to a higher rate of recidivism, as people are more likely to commit crimes after spending time in jail. The study also found that cashless bail systems, which allow people to be released without paying a fee, can reduce recidivism rates.

The study also found that cashless bail systems can reduce the number of people in jail, as people are more likely to be released without having to pay a fee. This can help reduce overcrowding in jails and prisons, as well as reduce the financial burden on taxpayers.

The study concluded that cashless bail systems can be an effective way to reduce crime recidivism and improve the criminal justice system. However, the study also noted that more research is needed to determine the long-term effects of cashless bail systems.

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