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5 Ways To Disprove False Rape Allegations in Utah

A conviction for rape in the state of Utah can change someone’s life forever. This could place that person on a sex offender registry, expose them to expensive fines and civil lawsuits, and could even land them in jail for years. Therefore, no matter how baseless the case might be, it is important for everyone to understand how to disprove false rape allegations with the help of a Utah defense attorney. There are a number of ways to disprove a false accusation of rape and this can bolster someone’s defense immensely.

Provide an Alibi for the Time During the Crime Committed

This could be one of the strongest possible defenses against a false rape accusation. If you have been accused of rape, providing an alibi means using proof that shows you were not at the scene of the crime during the time in question. This would make it impossible for you to have committed the crime. We can use witness testimony or security camera footage to document your movements and show that you weren’t there.

Leverage Testimony from Other Witnesses

Even if you were at the scene of the crime, other witnesses can be critical when it comes to defending you against rape accusations. We can figure out who else might have been present at the scene, what they might have seen or heard, and figure out what really happened. This could be critical when it comes to the defense process.

Review the Medical Reports from the Alleged Victim

In many cases, there is a medical report that will either support or refute the claim that someone was raped. This could include bruises from a physical attack or trauma to the inside of someone’s body. If the medical report does not fit the profile of someone who was attacked, this could be used to strengthen your defense. A rape defense attorney will know how to pick this record apart.

Check DNA Evidence

A large number of cases rely on DNA evidence to support a claim of rape. A criminal lawyer for rape will be able to look at the validity of the DNA by challenging how the DNA was handled by police. If there was an improperly used procedure, this could prevent DNA from being admitted as evidence in the case, bolstering your defense.

Was the Victim Intoxicated?

Another important tactic that could be used by a Utah defense attorney involves challenging the victim’s state of mind at the time of the attack. Many rape accusations take place when both parties are under the influence or either drugs or alcohol. This could make it hard for the alleged victim to recall the events accurately, strengthening your defense.

Rely on an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

At Wasatch Defense Lawyers, we are an experienced criminal defense team in Salt Lake City, UT. We specialize in sex crimes defense. Rape laws in Utah are serious and a conviction could change your life forever. We will work hard to get your charges reduced or dropped altogether, keeping you off the registry and out of jail. Contact us today!

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