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James Esparza, Attorney at Law

Federal Product Liability Criminal Defense

James Esparza, Attorney at Law

Federal Product Liability, Criminal Defense



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American Jurisprudence Award

Attorney Bio

James Esparza’s legal career spans almost four decades. During this period James has achieved unmatched success for his clients in federal and state courtrooms throughout the United States, including the United States Supreme Court. He did this through hard work, diligence and unwavering loyalty to his clients. He is relentless. The Salt Lake Tribune described James Esparza as applying bulldog determination in one of his cases.

Despite a lengthy career, James believes that there is still much to learn about being a lawyer. He believes that the practice of the law is an art. So, he continually works on his craft, trying new techniques and attending classes to provide superior representation.

James Esparza is selective in the clients he accepts because he believes that each client should receive personal attention and customized legal representation based on the needs of the client. This means that when he is on board, you can rest assured that you will receive professional representation with a strong commitment to you and your loved ones.

Early in his career, James devoted his work to criminal defense of clients from every sector of our diverse community. He has represented business owners, teachers, law enforcement officers, construction workers, and office workers. If you are reading this James has represented individuals just like you or your loved one. Everyone facing the loss of their freedom and reputation deserves competent and professional representation. James Esparza can help you.

In the early 2000, James expanded his practice to include representation of individuals in federal product liability cases. He has represented clients throughout the country, who developed life altering injuries or died from unsafe products or toxic substances.

Now, James is devoting more of his time to helping individuals and families navigate the criminal justice system.

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