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Identity Theft Defense Lawyer in Utah

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Identity Theft Defense Lawyer in Utah

Identity theft charges in the state of Utah should not be taken lightly — in fact, having identity theft charges on your record could seriously jeopardize both your personal and professional future. That’s why you need the best criminal defense attorney Utah families trust on your side.

In order to minimize or eliminate the ramifications of your identity theft charges, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable, trusted theft defense attorney in your corner.

With years of valuable experience, Wasatch Defense Lawyers understand the intricacies of identity theft charges as well as the best ways to approach your specific case, increasing your likelihood of a favorable outcome.

When you trust our Wasatch legal team with your identity theft charges, you can expect to receive the high-quality, detail-oriented defense services that you deserve. Our team is eager to represent you in the face of ruthless identity theft prosecutors.

When it comes to dealing with identity theft charges in Utah, no other firm can defend you more aggressively than Wasatch Defense Lawyers.

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Identity Theft Laws in Utah

While there are different types of identity theft charges, the act is generally characterized by the misuse of another person’s private information — whether that be a social security number, credit card information, or more — in order to commit fraudulent or criminal activities.

Typically, identity theft is committed to achieve some level of financial gain or to receive valuable services such as medical care. To this end, the thief uses confidential information, including but not limited to another person’s name, address, bank information, and social security number, to take advantage of their credit, receive medical services, file for a fraudulent tax refund, and more.

The severity of identity theft charges varies from state to state. According to the Utah State Legislature, identity theft is considered a third-degree felony if the related financial loss is less than $5,000. However, identity fraud is a second-degree felony if the cumulative loss is more than $5,000 or the identity theft results in another person’s bodily harm.

Consequences You Face if Found Guilty of Identity Theft in Utah

The repercussions of being found guilty of identity theft depend on the circumstances of your case. That being said, there are certain consequences that always hold true if you commit a second or third-degree felony.

In the case of a second-degree felony, wherein the value of the stolen goods or information is worth more than $5,000 — or the fraudulent activity results in the physical injury of someone involved — the guilty party will spend at least one year (and up to 15) in jail as well as pay up to $10,000. Additionally, the perpetrator will pay restitution to the victim.

Third-degree felonies, which refer to identity theft crimes with less than $5,000 worth of goods lost, can result in up to $5,000 in fines, up to 5 years incarcerated and payment of restitution to the victim.

Mitigating factors that could lessen the consequences of an identity theft charge involve the perpetrator’s level of cooperation, if it is a first-time offense and whether he or she suffers from a disability.

On the other hand, aggravating factors that would worsen the perpetrator’s sentence include having a significant criminal history and inflicting bodily harm on the victim.

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When it comes to dealing with identity theft charges, you can’t afford to leave your future up to chance. With plenty of experience handling identity theft cases, Wasatch Defense Lawyers are fully qualified to guide you through this stressful season and help you minimize your charges as much as possible. We are proud to be the best Salt Lake City, criminal defense lawyer, offering discounts for military personnel as well as payment arrangements that make sense for you.

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