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Your Guide to Helping a Family Member or Friend Wrongfully Accused of Rape

If one or your family members or friends has been accused of rape, don’t assume you are powerless. A strategic approach spearheaded by a savvy sex crimes attorney will pave the way toward justice. Provide comfort during this difficult time in your loved one’s life, steer him or her toward an experienced rape defense attorney and you will have done more than enough. However, if you would like to help in additional ways, here is a quick look at how to do it.

Encourage Your Loved One To Say as Little as Possible

The only people your loved one or friend accused of rape should be speaking to during this difficult time is his or her significant other, you, fellow trusted friends, and a Utah criminal rape defense lawyer. It is not in your loved one’s interest to offer information to the police. Nor is it in your loved one’s interest to speak to the press. Instead, be silent but for discussions with the rape defense attorney Utah. Even making a single statement to the police could sabotage the chances for justice. A seemingly innocent comment made to the media will undoubtedly be publicized, shining the spotlight on your family member or friend.

Establish Alternate Living Arrangements

If the individual accusing your family member or friend of rape lives in a shared residence, it is time to make alternate living arrangements. Invite your family member to stay with you or find another friend or family member who will temporarily host him or her while our rape with an object defense lawyer handles the legal challenges of the case. Even if the individual accused of rape does not mind living with the accuser, there will likely be a restraining or protective order granted that bars contact between the two parties, meaning he or she will have to live elsewhere until the case reaches a conclusion.

You can Help Boost Your Loved One’s Legal Defense

If you know of any supporting witnesses, collect their contact information and forward it to the criminal rape defense lawyer in Utah. The testimony of a single witness really does have the potential to tip the scales of justice in favor of your loved one. Even if a single individual was in the presence of your loved one at the time of the supposed rape, his or her testimony might be enough to bring an end to this unnecessary drama. Furthermore, if there is any physical evidence such as phone texts, receipts, time cards, videos, pictures, or other materials that show the accused party was not at the scene of the crime when the act allegedly occurred, collect those materials and bring them to our office for a thorough review.

Why Choose Wasatch Defense Lawyers in Utah?

Our Utah criminal rape defense lawyer is here to help during this difficult time. Reach out to us today to learn more about how our legal team can help you obtain a just result for your case or a loved one’s case. Our goal is to reduce the charge or have it dropped, keep our clients out of jail and off of the sex offender registry. You can reach our rape defense lawyer in Utah by dialing 801-980-9965 or emailing [email protected] to coordinate a free, fully confidential case review.

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